jack banjo courtney

jack banjo courtney is a newcastle upon tyne born/ london based trumpet and flugelhorn player, composer and improviser. with an open and exploratory yet versatile sound, jack is an up-and-coming figure on the uk jazz scene, and part of the artist roster at eclipse trumpets.

featuring in the bands of olivia dean, opus kink, cassie kinoshi’s seed., new movement ensemble, imogen & the knife, new regency orchestra, brass funkeys, jack also curates the monthly deptford jazz collective at the dog and bell in south-east london.

jack banjo's snackwall is his latest project, featuring daniel kemshell, matt gedrych and arthur newell. snackwall peddle their unique brand of avant rock-jazz, echoing jazz rock, scandi-jazz, traditional musics and art-rock along with reference to the powerful energies and grooves that have driven the uk jazz scene in recent years.

along with the above, jack has played/ recorded for a variety of projects, including gregory porter, jean toussaint, declan mckenna, joy crookes, sekou, neue grafik ensemble, ethan p. flynn, and kaeto.

trumpet/ flugelhorn